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Cutting Consumables
Aluminium Cut-off Wheel
Silicon Carbide Cut-off Wheel
Diamond Cut off Wheel
Universal Cutting Fluid
Kemet Dressing Stick
Anti Rust Agent
Mounting Consumables
Mounting Moulds
Mounting Accessories
Cold Mounting Resin Systems
Hot Mounting Resins (Requires Hot Mounting Press)
Grinding Consumables
Non-adhesive grinding papers and discs
Self-adhesive grinding papers and discs
Kemflex grinding discs for Metallography
Diaflex Diamond Grinding Papers and Discs
Polishing Consumables
Kemet Diamond Compound
Diamond Compound stick for Metallography
Diamond Suspension for Metallography
Diamond Spray
Non Diamond Abrasives
Miscellaneous Polishing Suspensions
Lubricating Fluid for Metallography
Kemet Polishing Cloths - Polishing Pads
Magnetic Polishing Pad Systems
Replication systems for Metallography
Abrasive Cut Off Machines
Metacut Cut off Machines for Metallography
Servocut Cut Off Machines for Metallography
Precision Cutting Machines
Micracut Precision Cutting Machines
Hot Mounting Press
Ecopress Hot Mounting Press for Metallography
Forcipol Grinding and Polishing Machines
Forcipol Grinding and Polishing Machines for Metallography
Digiprep Programmable Automatic Grinders and Polishers
Geological Thin sectioning / Petrography Machines
Geocut Cutting
Geoform Cutter and Grinder
Vacuum impregnation system for geology
Geofix mounting fixture for thin sections
Geological Lapping Machine for preparing thin sections
Vacuum Jig for preparing geological Thin Sections
Forcipol 300-IV with Forcimat TS head Thin section Polisher

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